Friday, January 3, 2014

The Truth About the Nuclear Lie.

Every Event Horizon can be re-designed by intention. I don't have many words for this atrocity, and I am even more speechless that this has happened to our Beautiful Earth during OUR watch, and we said and did nothing to stop it.  I am Gob-smacked, thunder-struck, stupefied and flabbergasted!  BUT even so, it is NEVER to late to learn and change and re-create.  I will let the following videos speak for the falsely Glorified Nuclear Industry.....but remember , nuclear power and weapons only guarentee that we will kill our Mother, Gaia, and where She goes, we go. 

Let me speak of HOME now for a moment.....Gaia, Earth, Planet, World, by whatever name you give Her, She is alive! Gaia's Beauty is nothing short of miraculous, and those who would harm her must go!  
Earth had an invisible heart beat showing through the surface temperature of our oceans. Beautiful:
The Heart Beat of Mother Earth is changing (us)

This is the invention of Monsters.
1961 Nuclear Reactor Meltdown; SL-1 Accident. United States Army Documentary.

The Atomic States Of America:
Atomic Cafe:
Windscale, Britain's Biggest Nuclear Disaster:
Three Mile Island:
Fukushima, The Truth Behind the Chain of Meltdowns:

Chernobyl, Uncensored:

Simi Valley  Nuclear Disaster:

Nuclear Event at Grand Gulf, Mississippi:

San Onofre Nuclear Plant, The Fukushima of USA?
Silent Storm; Nuclear Testing in Austrailia:
US Nuclear Bomb Tests in Bikini Atoll: Declassified:

Nevada Nuclear Bomb Tests; 1951-1957:

Unclassified US Underwater Atomic Bomb Tests:Operation Wigwam.

Project Canninkin, 1971; Biggest underground Atomic bomb test, unclassified:

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