Friday, January 14, 2011

Philosopher's Stone, Or Heart Of Stone?

Philosopher's Stone, Or Heart Of Stone?
Adaya Marcel.

Restless and reckless as I am
tonight, I fell asleep in my own arms.
I discovered during a dream
of dispirited fear
that the end of misery is near
Fell asleep the baby,
and awoke sublime.

I spoke aloud of my crime of dread
to the chaotic rabble in my head,
of the terror that lived within my troubled soul:
A dreamer of purpose with no possibility
of gathering enough light to to fill 
up the whole world on my own.

In my dream I thought I was alone
but your face became ceremonially 
carved in sculptural relief
upon my Philosopher's Stone.

I learned that the journey
is where you find the gold,
not in one pot at the 
end of one mindless road,
but in the 6 billion wandering faces
that are exactly like my own.

Can it be said that our truth
doesn't want to be told
and is perpetually dancing
on the head of our ancestral quilting pin,
psychotically repeating patterns of old,
trapped in the rut of the disgusting.

To rediscover ethereal origin
we arrive at our horizon of now,
awareness is inception,
where you stand right this very second,
from here and beyond;
from here and behind
top to below, side to side,
somewhere within the residual meaning
grows the beginning, middle and end
of something outside and inside of time.
Existence as a Whole.  The All.
We fit like a glove of love.

The Philosopher's Stone
is an elixir of  knowing
that the Chalice is our heart,
the wine is our empathy.
Alchemy is transmuting heavy leaden hate
into Powerful Electrified Love.

What we have been seeking
is already within us, it is us,
we are the Messiahs
we have been waiting for.
Our embracing and dancing 

in the light of compassion,
shall gift us with our inheritance.

Principalities, territories
boundaries, or terms like collateral damage
are sickening justifications of real life horror stories
from old programming forced into new flesh
and will not matter one bit in your dreams
when it's your own child,
your mother, father, or husband
lying in a pool of their own blood.

These things we did not come to do.
These things we did not come to see.
These things are keeping us from ourselves.

What would we do
if we were super-heroes,
and we could save anyone we wanted.
Who would you choose to save?
So.....what if I told you that you are a hero to me
and you have a cape coated with Electrum
and magic at your fingertips.
Do you now see the beauty of
what we are capable of?
A whole world of super-heroes!

What would we create
were we to drink
of our own personal chalice of light
and offer it generously
to the rest of the world?
What could we change
if we knew we are
the Philosopher's Stone?

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